Polimeks introduces hotel chain brand TASIGO Eskişehir

As Polimeks, we undertook the operations of the Thermal Hotel and Spa Center we constructed in Eskişehir Bademlik two years ago, and brought it into service with the TASIGO Eskişehir brand.
The first ring of the TASIGO Eskişehir chain, brought to life with the experience and inspiration we have acquired from our 134 projects in Turkey and all across the globe – also including hotel ventures, TASIGO Eskişehir will offer services with its meeting venue concept as well, turning it into an attraction center across Eskişehir and particularly in Odunpazarı - a district with an ever-increasing touristic value.

TASIGO Eskişehir was constructed in Eskişehir’s Odunpazarı district in the midst of woodlands, with special attention to tree positions so that any harm to nature is prevented.
Taking its name from the combination of the first syllables of Polimeks partners’ last names, TASIGO Eskişehir consists of a Spa and Wellness Center encircled by accommodation and meeting units.
Conceptualized across a total area of 41 thousand square meters, the facility was designed as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architecture and historical fabric of Odunpazarı. The 3.500 m2 Spa and Wellness Center, planned in-ground in order to make full use of the geothermal characteristic of the land, enables natural daylight penetration through the domes placed on top of the terrace.
The hotel, with a panoramic views of Eskişehir, consists of 164 rooms. The facility also includes a 1.400 m2 convention area and multifunctional halls, as well as a 975 m2 pillar-free ballroom, swimming pools, children’s club, bar & restaurants and indoor & outdoor parking areas.