Polimeks and its
environmental and social awareness

Social responsibility and environmental projects conducted are decided according to the criteria of quality and social benefit. Rather than usual ideas, Polimeks aims at supporting projects that are original and which include creativity and depth, to which Polimeks can add value with its cultural and aesthetic experience. Being in contact with nature in all of its areas of activity, Polimeks shows its responsibility to nature, and to the environment in which people live, by both protecting and improving it.

Polimeks Holding continues to emphasize the role of cultural advancement in the development of the society by sustaining the specific support it provides to arts.

	<span>Polimeks</span> and its<br />
	environmental and social awareness</h1>
	<span>Polimeks</span> and its<br />
	environmental and social awareness</h1>
	<span>Polimeks</span> and its<br />
	environmental and social awareness</h1>

“What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
Henry David Thoreau


Showing awareness toward nature and environment, in plain terms, is a constant responsibility in the corporate culture of Polimeks Construction. Respecting nature and environment, working in harmony and protecting it comes at the top of the ethical values of Polimeks Construction. Accordingly, Polimeks Construction takes part in projects that are conducted with the aim of preserving the natural heritage and biological vitality of Turkey and in social responsibility projects. Polimeks has the latest supported ‘The Biodiversity of Turkey Campaign’ of the World Wide Fund for Nature and was honored with the certificate of appreciation from the WWF-Turkey's Chairman Uğur Bayar.

The modern structures built by Polimeks materialize Polimeks' environmental awareness as they were built with an awareness to protect nature. In this context, Rixos Eskişehir, one of the esteemed and innovative projects of Polimeks, was qualified to receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED Gold) certificate, the greatest environmental sustainability and energy efficiency rating, that is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT The Biodiversity of Turkey Campaign


Arts and culture are the most refined values which distinguishes Polimeks along with its achievements within the sector. Polart Depo defines the place of art in the corporate culture of Polimeks, which hosts the works of dozens of esteemed artists and promotes artistic activities at the international level. The Design Biennial organized toward the end of 2014 left its mark as one of the most significant art event of the year that had a rich content. Being one of the important sponsors of the Design Biennial, Polimeks assumed the archive responsibility of the Biennial through the Biennial Digital Platform; Polimeks provided the technical infrastructure and management of the platform. The most visited projects on the platform were awarded with Polimeks Holding Special Prizes.

Polimeks contributed significantly to the 42th Istanbul Music Festival that was organized the same year, becoming the performance sponsor for the programs Festival Presents Its Young Soloist, and Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. Polimeks had taken part as a sponsor at the 40th Istanbul Music Festival as well, hosting the concert of Ana Moura. Polimeks had been one of the corporations that collaborated with Istanbul Modern in 2014. The YAP Istanbul Modern: Young Architects Program, initiated by Istanbul Modern in collaboration with The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and MoMA PS1, under the co-sponsorship of Polimeks and VitrA, was regarded as one of the events that left its mark on 2014. The project titled “Sky Spotting Stop”, designed by SO? Architecture and Ideas, was installed in the courtyard of Istanbul Modern in June and experimented by museum visitors of all ages throughout the summer of 2014, becoming one of the favorite installations of the summer.

Polimeks will become the co-sponsor of YAP Istanbul Modern: Young Architects Program in 2015 as well. The project will again be conducted in collaboration with MoMa, already a candidate of becoming the most celebrated art activity in Istanbul in June.



The support provided to sports and athletes are a source of pride and motivation for all institutions. Promoting the achievements of athletes that are supported contributes a positive impact for the entire corporation and is a source of motivation, whatever the outcome of the competitions may be.

Having made an impression with his successful performance at “Jumping Antwerpen” and “Atatürk Cup” races in 2014, our National jockey Efe Siyahi has completed the race at the third place among internationally renowned jockeys, passing each lap fault-free, at the international competitions that took place in Poland. In this way, Siyahi gained the right to participate in the European Championship and the World Cup, and succeeded in entering the world ranking.

Awaza PWA Windsurf Cup that takes place at the Awaza region of Turkmenistan has a special place for the corporation. The cup is organized at the Awaza Yacht Club, which is one of the outstanding and prestigious projects of Polimeks Construction, attracting thousands of tourist and yacht enthusiasts and the club is a significant touchstone in the cultural transformation of the region. Our National Jockey Efe Siyahi.

PROMOTING SPORTS Turkish national show jumper Efe Siyahi


As a corporation, Polimeks projects its corporate standing, quality and authenticity through the value it places on its employees and on people. Making the quality of labor force sustainable is a responsibility borne not only for the sake of the corporation but for the whole country. This is why Polimeks' contribution to education has a prioritized place among all its aid efforts. Polimeks Holding awards regular scholarships to 250 students in average each year, and provides aid to education institutions that are in need.

The aid provided to Siirt Veysel Karani Multi-Program High School during the 2010-2011 school year supplied support for the students for them to receive education in better circumstances. There are 10 classrooms, 17 units, one administrator's office, one equipment storage room, one teachers' lounge, student lodging for girls with a capacity of 100 students, two workshops, and a computer room equipped through the contributions of Polimeks at the Veysel Karani Multi-Program High School.

The funds raised by the employees of Polimeks for the aid campaign that was launched after the mine disaster at Soma was transferred to the psycho-social support and preschool education programs for the children and families living in Soma and the surrounding districts through UNICEF.

CONTRIBUTING TO EDUCATION Siirt Veysel Karani High School


Polimeks also shows the effort of lending a helping hand to those who struggle with dire conditions of life not only in Turkey but around the world. Undergoing the worst drought of the last 60 years, thousands of people in Somali face the threat of famine, related diseases and death. All the employees of Polimeks who supported the aid campaign for Somali Children through UNICEF provided a month's food aid to almost 6,000 people thanks to this effort.

DONATION AND AID Somali Children Aid Campaign