Polimeks Holding
with its corporate culture...

In our culture, everything starts with a line... In a flawless flow, it progresses through the points of science, experience, technique and art to arrive at the whole, reaching a perfect form. This culture grows stronger with each new experience and permeates in all the projects that bears the signature of the corporation. One finds the touch of talented and valuable people on each emerging work who live by the philosophy of the corporation and who are tightly-knit in mutual trust from the smallest team to the largest unit.

Renowned for its extraordinary architectural buildings and impressive tourism projects, Polimeks Holding is recognized for its noble and modest standing that has built magnificent works and left its mark on the structural history in Turkey and abroad since it was established, and whose operations reach across the continents.

The holistic operation of architecture and engineering, from the sketches to the final outcome allows projects to have a structural unity as well as specific functions. In this way, from monumental buildings to hospitals, from water treatment plants to airports, a wide range of projects are brought into being full functioning and presented as a turnkey project.

Polimeks leads the sector utilizing future technologies, completing all the stages of the project from start to finish by collaborating with the most important companies of the world, experts in their fields.

The accomplishments of Polimeks Holding is not limited to implementing advanced engineering techniques and building impressive architectural structures. Tourism projects of Polimeks stand out with their original design details, unique themes and their high quality service equipments. 

Talented and valuable people Talented and valuable people
Lines acquiring a perfect form Lines acquiring a perfect form
Marks left on structural history Marks left on structural history

Another distinguishing feature of the corporation is its affinity to art; art lies at the heart of Polimeks. The investments of Polimeks in art and the rich collection protected by Polart are inspiration to all employees.

	Polimeks Holding<br />
	<span>with its corporate culture...</span></h1>


Understanding people.

Understanding people.

We prioritize the integration of all the projects that we bring into being with the traditions, culture and the conception of their surrounding. The forms of the structures should create a sense of familiarity as much as they possess novelty, and they should have humane details as much as modern functions. Being easily embraced by the people in the culture it is situated is the most important aspect of the designs of the projects that are signed by Polimeks. While their functions allow for the ease of use in their intuitive details, the large scale functions serve for the operation of flawless systems. In this way, all the elements of a project reflect unity and harmony at all levels like the building blocks of matter. 

Carrying forward.

Carrying forward.

Delivering the projects we had assumed in a state that respond to all needs and demands defines the essential requirement of our job. Our success criterion is “more”. We would be fully qualifying success when we have carried the projects beyond expectations and developed future-oriented ideas. Another success criterion of ours is reflecting our capacities for productive operation, efficient planning, rational logistics and swift decision-making to projects as low costs. 

Productive associations.

Productive associations.

Polimeks prioritizes the safe and good working conditions of its more than 37,000 personnel. We work in harmony and understanding from the top to the smallest unit. This structure keeps Polimeks on solid ground at all times. When we bring our projects into being,we deem our customers a member of our team and include them in important processes. In this way the whole operation is completed as a single body from start to finish, and productivity is raised to the highest level. 

Being constructive and permanent.

Being constructive and permanent.

Experience, constant access to information, and efficient structuring reflect in our work as rapidness and smoothness. Developing solutions at the center of needs and demands always provides a constructive understanding. It is usual for big projects to have shifting conditions. The ability of swiftly adapting to new conditions creates extraordinary effective results. The permanence of the projects are as important as their completion. All the preparations during the planning stage of the projects are done with long-term projections. Sustainability is maintained by continuously testing the environmental conditions and analyzing the results during the construction stage.


Quality is a process that requires continuity and constant improvement... In the corporate culture of Polimeks, quality is defined as a priority more than an objective. Quality is considered as a significant prerequisite that persists, as well as extends beyond, from the project planning to the stage of implementation, and to project delivery. 

This is why the corporate reception of Polimeks Holding is associated with the concept of quality in Turkey and abroad. Maintaining, improving and amplifying this reception is our single objective. 

The 7 items below reflect the central vision of the Quality Policy of Polimeks:
  1. Creating sustainable resources that will maintain the continuity and smoothness of operations.
  2. Integrating institutional know-how and experience with modern technologies and new knowledge, enriching the corporate memory by recording new experiences.
  3. Individuating the processes that impact on corporate achievement and quality, improving these processes and making them prevalent.
  4. Lowering the costs by ensuring the flawless operation of the quality management system.
  5. Increasing skilled labor force by giving qualified and experienced employees the worth they deserve.
  6. Completely fulfilling the expectations of customers, offering more than those expectations as a criterion of success, and attaching concrete values to the projects.
  7. Deliberating on and designing innovations that will carry the corporation and each executed project a step further, giving priority to creativity and improvement.
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	Polimeks Holding<br />
	<span>with its corporate culture...</span></h1>
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	Polimeks Holding<br />
	<span>with its corporate culture...</span></h1>
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	Polimeks Holding<br />
	<span>with its corporate culture...</span></h1>
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	Polimeks Holding<br />
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	Polimeks Holding<br />
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All employees of our corporation work with the awareness of their HSE responsibilities and have the obligation of participating in the practices while continuously improving the safety of the workplaces and environment with the aim of actualizing the objectives. At Polimeks Holding, the following statements that define our HSE policy are our commitments. 

The 5 items below reflect the central vision of Health, Safety, Environment Policy of Polimeks:
  1. We will perform our work in accordance to the regulatory requirements, other regulations and customers' conditions on environment, occupational health and safety.
  2. We will prevent or reduce the risks at the source by taking measures regarding the source and the environment; and if that is not possible, we will perform the required activities to prevent environmental and occupational accidents through general or individual protection methods.
  3. We will bring under control important environmental aspects and risks by constantly reviewing the HSE management system.
  4. We will ensure the reduction of waste at the source, its reuse and recycle as much as possible, and the disposal of unused waste through appropriate methods.
  5. We will provide the necessary training and activities in order to raise awareness so that all our employees to adopt HSE awareness and participate.


In recent years, the establishment of laws prohibiting corruption of Public Officials has been internationally increasing, and many countries have already introduced laws criminalizing international corruption, or rather, the corruption of Public Officials in other countries by entities within their jurisdiction. Many countries also have laws that prohibit bribery among private parties.

As a multinational organization doing business internationally and jurisdictions around the world, POLIMEKS and the corporate officers of POLIMEKS are not only subject of local regulations as it is stated in the Official Gazette #27501 dated 22nd February, 2010:

  • Strategy for Enhancing the Transparency and Strengthening the Combat Against Corruption (2010-2014);

also subject to the laws of many other countries, including those laws ratifying international conventions, prohibiting corruption of Public Officials and corruption among private parties, such as: 

  • the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions;
  • the United Nations Convention Against Corruption;
  • the European Commission Conventions Against Corruption;
  • the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) issued in the United States;
  • the UK Bribery Act issued in the United Kingdom (UKBA);
  • their subsequent amendments and additions.

In order to comply with the applicable Anti-Corruption Laws and the prohibition of corruption among private parties, as well as among Public Officials, POLIMEKS has introduced below Compliance Policy.


This policy statement supplements and should be read in conjunction with the rest of the Code of Conduct. This policy statement applies to all operations of POLIMEKS, including POLIMEKS’s vendors, suppliers, representatives, contractors, subcontractors and agents, acting anywhere in the world.


POLIMEKS, its subsidiaries and other affiliated companies (collectively, “POLIMEKS”) are committed to complying with all applicable laws in their operations, as listed above.

Further, POLIMEKS intends not to just comply with those legal requirements, but to conduct its business in accordance with a high level of honesty and integrity. These commitments and expectations are more fully set forth in POLIMEKS’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and related policies and procedures (altogether, the “Code of Conduct”), including this policy statement.

As provided in the Code of Conduct, each officer, director, employee and business associate of POLIMEKS is expected to act in good faith and with integrity in the performance of his or her responsibilities on behalf of POLIMEKS and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and local regulations.

All employees are expected to report appropriately any indications of illegal or improper conduct.

POLIMEKS will implement procedures to ensure the POLIMEKS’s business associates comply with the Code of Conduct as it applies to them. Any employee who does not comply with the standards set forth in this Code of Conduct may be subjected to get penalized in light of the nature of the violation, including termination of employment.

This policy shall be reviewed regularly on monthly basis interval and may be updated if necessary from time to time.