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Polimeks Construction and Rixos Hotels sign cooperation deal for Eskisehir.

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The thermal hotel and spa which was constructed by Polimeks, a leading international contracting company of Turkey, in Bademli, Eskisehir will be managed by Rixos Hotels, Turkey’s first and only global hotel brand. The handover contract between the two companies was signed by Polimeks Chairman Erol Tabanca, Rixos Hotels Chairman Fettah Tamince and Polimeks Chairman Cem Siyahi.

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  • Polimeks Construction and Rixos Hotels sign cooperation deal for Eskisehir.
  • Polimeks Construction and Rixos Hotels sign cooperation deal for Eskisehir.
  • Polimeks Construction and Rixos Hotels sign cooperation deal for Eskisehir.
  • Polimeks Construction and Rixos Hotels sign cooperation deal for Eskisehir.

As one of the first large-scale premises in Eskisehir at the city’s Odunpazarı district which is shining in terms of its touristic value, the Thermal Hotel and SPA Center was built with an investment of 50 million dollars. Speaking at the handover ceremony of the hotel which is expected to help full utilization of Eskisehir’s tourism potential when opened, Polimeks Chairman Erol Tabanca said they were proud for earning such a project to a city that has spiritual value for us. “Today, we are delivering Eskisehir Thermal Hotel and Spa Center to Turkey’s first and only global hotel brand, Rixos” he said.

Tabanca said the development of Eskisehir, adding value to this region, highlighting the existing potential with the right structures and investments, and emphasizing the touristic value of the city were important subjects for them.

“Thanks to the new investments, social and cultural capabilities started gaining increased importance recently in Eskisehir, as in other cities of Anatolia. Considering its population, labor force, economic structure, industrial infrastructure and its relations with its environment; Eskisehir is singled out as an important regional center which has registered a considerable progress  among the developing cities of Turkey. At Polimeks, we are focusing on utilizing the potential of the region and creating new jobs and touristic value in the region with our each project. Eskisehir’s Bademlik region was a region whose thermal value could not be sufficiently exploited and where the existing touristic facilities were not managed in full consideration of the region’s natural characteristics. Therefore, our main consideration during this project was to make the thermal infrastructure of the region suitable for use both by the people of Eskisehir and the domestic and foreign tourists. Our purpose was not just to attract foreign tourists to the region, but also to create a facility which can be used by the people of Eskisehir.”

Tabanca said they realized many high-quality projects with the right architectural, engineering and corporate management in Turkey and in many other countries including mainly Turkmenistan, adding that they completed about 123 projects in Turkmenistan alone from the most important monuments of the country to the cultural and arts complexes, from the government buildings to hotels and hospitals, and from the cement plants to treatment facilities and to hippodromes and shopping centers.

Tabance reminded Polimeks’ winning the Ashgabat International Airport tender in 2013 which was the largest single contract signed by a Turkish contractor abroad with a great international achievement in the name of Turkish construction industry, and pointed out that their construction of Ashgabat Olympic Complex which started in 2010 was also underway and that this project was designed in International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) standards and targeted to host Asian Olympics in 2017. Tabanca also said that Awaza Congress Center, another ongoing large-scale project in Turkmenistan, will become the biggest congress center in the Central Asia when completed. Tabanca continued as follows:
“In 2013, we completed the Yelken Yaht Club, the first marina in Awaza Region. Founded on a strip of about 1 km along the shores of the Caspian Sea, the Yelken Yaht Club was constructed with an investment of approximately 90 million dollars. We have got a well-established system and corporate structure in our company. We continuously review our short-term and medium-term strategy according to the changing market conditions in the country and the world. We are targeting increasingly higher growth by increasing our market share each year in international markets including mainly Turkmenistan. According to our medium- and long-term growth targets, Turkmenistan, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Africa are the main markets in our focus.”

Rixos Hotels Chairman Fettah Tamince said Rixos Eskisehir would be their third facility in Anatolia, and voiced his pleasure with the cooperation they had with Polimeks Construction. He continued as follows:
“One of our foremost targets in our journey we set out in 2000 with the target of becoming a global brand was to discover new destinations. We took it as our mission not only to promote our hotel or sell our rooms at the end of the day but also to contribute to the destination we invest in. We have been true to this mission in all places from Antalya to Dubrovnik, from Astana to Konya, from Dubai to Davos, and from Sharm El Sheikh to Sochi. It will be the same for Eskisehir. We are proud of offering our services with our own brand in Europe, Africa and Asia, and we are also greatly satisfied for providing added value to the tourism of our country. I would like to underline that we will be driven by the same mission in our services in this facility constructed by Polimeks Construction with a great care, and therefore contribute to the tourism and economy of our country  and Eskisehir. I wish this facility which we will inaugurate in 21 June with the name of Rixos Eskisehir be beneficial and bring good luck both to Polimeks and Rixos Family.”

Tamince said that new and renovated facilities have been inaugurated in 2014 season, adding that “Rixos Hotels is a structure that emerged from Turkey and is currently proceeding on its way to become a global brand. As a group, we presently exist in 10 countries and we are hosting about 800,000 guests from 207 countries. Our projection is that we will be present in 25 countries with the inauguration of new projects in the short term. Our business model continues as management, leasing and investment. Rixos is becoming a higher-profile and lasting brand each day and we want to keep this momentum. After making an investment worth hundreds of millions liras, the investors come to us and tell us that, “I would like to see Rixos flag in my facility. This demand and perception started to be built abroad as well”.

Tamince pointed out that they continued new hotel investments as well as renovations in their services, adding that: “Rixos Premium has been one of the flagships of our Belek group. We have introduced many novelties and new services in Belek. This season, we will raise the number of our hotels serving in Premium concept to four with the addition of our Göcek facility. I believe that service investments are equally important as our production investments as it is the investments in services that will make the difference with the competitors. I think that each novel application introduced in the industry will contribute to our country’s tourism and take us one step ahead of our competition.”

Sitting on a total area of 41,000 square meters, the Thermal Hotel and Spa Center was designed in conformance with the natural structure of Bademlik, Eskisehir and with an eye in contributing to the socio-cultural life of the region. Eskisehir SPA and Thermal Hotel which is planned to start its operation in June this year has got 164 rooms in total of which 104 are standard rooms, 34 Premium rooms, 13 Suits, 4 Corner Suits, 4 Executive Suits, 2 Honeymoon Suits, 2 Hospitality Suits and 1 Presidential Suit.
The project also includes a lobby unit, 2 conference halls with an area of one thousand square meters and a 500-seat multi-purpose gym with an area of 1,900 square meters. There is an a la carte restaurant on an area of 1,900 square meters, a spa, bath and fitness facility on an area of 2,200 square meters, waking trails, swimming pools, administrational offices, sale units, open and closed car parks.
The project also received an international award. In November 2012, Bademlik, Eskisehir Hotel and Spa Center was given the “Highly Commended Hotel Architecture-Europe” award under 2012 International Hotel Awards, which is shown among the most prestigious awards in the real property industry globally.